Official start of UNEX Y-YOU project

On December 2nd and 3rd, the first meeting of the UNEX T-YOU project took place in the host building of the project coordinator 93rd School Alexander Teodorov - Balan. The project has set itself the ambitious goal of improving the skills of students in the 14-16 age group in reading, comrehension, writing and oral presentation.

There are several interesting facts in the project. The partnership consists of two partners from a country - Poland, Denmark, Spain and Bulgaria. One partner is a school and the other an NGO. The main target group are students on the threshold of completing their primary education, their external assessment and new educational opportunities based on it. Unfortunately, tracking PISA reports in recent years shows a downward trend for most partners except Poland.

Following the traditional welcome of bread and salt under the sound of caba bag pipes, the partners presented their organizations with the opportunities they have to contribute to theoretical development and practical testing and application. The partnership will produce, test, and real-world testing methodologies with hands-on exercises to improve: reading, comprehension, writing, and speaking. Skills are important not only in this stage of student development but also with wide application in life.